Pressure Vessel Services

We offer full service pressure vessel welding out of our Edmonton shop. We have close proximity to major roadways and industrial services offers convenient access for third party inspectors, trucking and customers.

We are ABSA, ASME and National Board Certified and hold the U, UM and NB code stamps. We are also able to manufacture category C, F and H fittings.

Whatever your requirements, we work with you to create the right solution.

We manufacture pressure vessels up to 12 ft. in diameter, 50 ft long and up to 25 tonnes. We have built over 13,000 vessels, including separators, treaters, coalescers, filter vessels, glycol dehydration towers, sweetening towers, de sanding vessels, drip pots, line heaters, scrubbers and free water knockout services. We are your Pressure Vessels Specialists.

We have an ABSA inspector and NDT services in the shop daily, ensuring we are not slowed down by waiting for inspectors or x-ray services.
We are located five blocks away from heat treatment services and run two full shifts, enabling us to streamline the construction process and provide faster, more efficient deliveries.

Our registered welding procedures are current and cover carbon steel Mig, Tig, Stick and Sub Arc. The procedures cover vessels with and without post weld heat treatment requirements, low temperature requirements, and thickness up to 8.”

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To ensure we are not in competition with our customers, we do not offer in-house packaging services, however we are able to recommend packaging shops upon completion of a vessel.

Pipe Rolling / Spooling

We do Pipe Rolling & Spooling daily for our own pressure vessels and can accommodate requests and projects on a case by case basis.

“After being in business for 47 years, we pride ourselves on being an experienced and reputable vessel-specific shop.”

– Don McKenzie / President, Penfabco Ltd.